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About Genesis Colon Care

Genoveva (Gen) Gamez has been doing Colon Hydrotherapy since 2004. Becoming I-ACT certified in 2007.  When asked how she became interested in this career she will always say it was God sent. She received her training and did her apprenticeship at the world-renowned Sanoviv Medical Institute located in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. There, her mentor, Maggie Hope, and fellow colleagues shared their skills and knowledge, to which she responded with passion. Gen witnessed first-hand how a holistic healing environment could help one’s life. She enjoyed knowing that she participated in healing of mind, body, and spirit.

In 2009, Gen moved to Rockwall, Texas. She had been practicing as a colon hydrotherapist for 9 years at Rockwall Complete Healing and Wellness. Where she worked with hundreds of clients and has been blessed to be doing what she loves. Gen is passionate about what she considers to be her “blessed life’s work.”

In November of 2016, Gen was offered an amazing opportunity to lead. Gen headed the colon hydrotherapy department at House of Gilead Renewal Centers in Plano, Texas. There, her infectious passion helped her lead with ease.

In July 2019, Genesis Colon Care was born.

Gen always knew in her heart that she wanted a place of business to call her own and, as it so happened, she embarked on that journey four years ago. As she acknowledges, there are no coincidences in life . Her dream had come true and, serving many clients, she has had the honor of assisting with many of them being referred to by MD’s , Chiropractors,  DO’s,  Natruropaths etc. She will always say she loves her profession  as every day brings the opportunity to serve others in her own gentle way.  Serving her clients was not sufficient and she wanted to train other health enthusiasts with a passion to help others to become certified colon hydrotherapist at the foundation level. As of Summer 2023, she now has the honor of holding an Instructor level Accredition through GPACT. Also, she is an Advanced Level, National Board Certified through I-ACT. In her exact words,  if you’re going to do one thing in life,  do it whole heartedly and then go all the way. 

Her ultimate goal in life is to share this knowledge with the many that are willing to listen and leave behind a continued legacy of the many gifted colon therapists that have preceded her.